Weather in the East Coast : Nice and Brutal

The weather here in the East Coast is so unpredictable this year. Our summer was never been better! I mean our temp stayed in between 70-80 F which I am not complaining about but sometimes it drops to 50F during the night which cause my vegetable garden to wither. And now that school just started, the temperature warms up again to 90F. Isnt that crazy? I was ready to call the Gas Company to have our tank filled up so we will be ready for the coming cold season and all of a sudden it warms up again. Nevertheless, I still need to call the gas company to avoid hassles when everybody starts calling them. Well it’s better to be prepared right?

Anyhow, I’ve heard that Winter this year is gonna be brutal compare last year. Last year was already brutal, how brutal could it get? LOL! Well I would advice to start looking around your house that needs fixing like the house sidings, clog gutter, windows, cables that are ready to fall apart which you can buy av cables at if that is broken. Got to do what you got to do right? Good thing hubby is smart and always prepare for the worst.

Balikbayan Box

This is the second time that I sent a Balikbayan Box to my Family in Philippines since I relocated here in US 7 years ago. I usually just send cash whenever they need or if there is an emergency at home but when I sent my first box last year, I saw that the recipients were very happy when they saw all the goodies inside the box. Because of that, I thought to myself to send a box every year whenever I can to make my family back home happy.

I sent my second box thru the courier Forex World last May 22, but my family received it just a couple of weeks ago. It took 3months before they received it which is quite long than normal. Blame it on the government at home. They change the rules in transportation causing delays of releasing sea containers. Nevertheless, my box arrived in one piece. I am happy to see that my family were very happy and excited upon receiving the box and was able to enjoy all the US made goodies

 photo 10606008_10152480019582530_6241977035380907172_n_zps1044e775.jpg sdfdf

School Band

Its been a couple of days already since school started and so far so good. Kids had been bringing home their work to show me what they did in school. My little one hand me an invitation paper for the school band which he consider of joining. I was surprised that he is interested, but he doesn’t know how to play any musical instruments yet. I thought a guitar would be a good musical instrument for him for a start cause it is not hard to learn. And you can get guitar anywhere easily like the  guitar centre where you can find really good guitars with reasonable prices. This place would be a good start to look for the perfect guitar for my little one cause they have everything. Oh I sure am excited about it. I hope his interest will not diminish with time.

Winkly’s Passing

I still can’t believe our baby kitty Winkly just passed away. =( It’s been over a month already since she got run over by a speeding car in front of our driveway and I missed her terribly. We buried her on our backyard and said a few words about her. We will sure gonna remember Winkly forever. She was the sweetest cat ever.

 photo IMG_0966_zpsc53b4d63.jpg df

Where Did Summer go?

July is almost over. Wow, where did summer go? My family and I havent much enjoyed Summer yet. I sure wanted to go to the beach but sad to say our finances are down lately. We need to tighten our belt for more important and unexpected expenses. Business has been really slow, I hope that it will kick in next month so we have enough for the coming winter. Oh well, it’s not just us who are having difficulty this year, I know a lot of small businesses are hurting as well. A lot of things have change lately including the rules and regulations in business especially if you just started one. There are a lot of things to know and consider that an administrative lawyer is needed to help understand all these. It is important to understand this things so business will be smooth for the coming year. Oh I hope, everything will be back to normal soon, so hubby and I can relax and enjoy Life.

Summer Fun – Karaoke Studio in Hershey Park

Hello friends! What’s up? What’s your plan for this Summer? Are you planning to go to the beach or go out of town with family? I bet you got all your itinerary planned. So far, summer has been great. The weather is so fine, just perfect for a family fun.

My family and I just went to Hershey Park last weekend, and oh boy we had a blast! We ride a few rides that we even tried their karaoke studio. It was so much fun! Oh how I wish that I can really sing and have my own studio like that and have my own gadgets for the studio . I bet that is really cool huh? Have you tried the karaoke studio in Hershey Park? If you haven’t yet, you better check it out.

Our New Home

It’s been over a month now since we moved here to our new home and so far everything is fine. My kids love it here because of the huge yard to run around and to explore. As for me, I have the privacy that I wanted. I don’t have to worry about neighbors checking on me. I could just relax on the back porch and enjoy my cup of coffee while appreciating Nature.

Life is sure sweet here in the country. I couldn’t ask for more. Check our photo below. This was taken on our first day here in our new house.

 photo housedf_zpsd373cf15.jpg It sure look old don’t you think? But it’s very cozy and comfortable inside.

Choosing a Car Insurance

Checking for a new car insurance is never easy because there are so many choices out there. We have to know which one is the best that covers everything that we need and will not screw us when the time comes that we needed it.

For every State has different policy, if you live in North Carolina, the burlington car insurance here is one of the good insurance to consider. You have to read the fine prints though to make sure that they got what you need.

And Clayton turns 5

Time fly so fast for the little one. I couldnt believe that my youngest is now 5 already! He was so excited of his birthday that he can’t wait to have it right away cause he wants to be a big boy where he can finally do some things on his own. This sure made me emotional cause I want him to always asked me for help. I guess I have to face reality that boys dont stay little.

Oh well, since he is gonna be in Kindergarten soon, I decided to give him a birthday party. We dont usually held birthday parties, we usually just dine outside and have a quite dinner with the family. But this year is extra especial so we invited some our neighbor kids and my friend Joy kids to celebrate with the birthday boy.

 photo IMG_8948_zpsc6fdc34c.jpg The celebrant was so happy even though there’s only few kids. He loves the way how i decorated our house with balloons, happy bday banners, and the table. He asked for a spongebob theme party, so I ordered him a spongebob birthday cake, and bought some spongebob party kits. It was a hit! I also set up a pinata for kids to trash after eating.  photo bday1_zps1ca85261.jpgThey sure had fun especially the celebrant.  I am so glad that I gave him a birthday party, even though it was a last minute decision. Good thing I pulled it off just in time.

Myths and misconceptions about basement flood prevention


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Basement waterproofing is one of the biggest concerns of homeowners dealing with Seepage Chicago problems.  The industry is full of unreliable companies that often cause misconceptions about the best ways to prevent water from entering a basement.  Unfortunately, these misconceptions often turn into myths that are spread throughout the community.  Rather than seek the counsel and advice of a professional flood control expert, homeowners try less than reliable home remedies or search for the least expensive company to still a flood control system.  In most instances, they are calling us to correct the damage that has been done.  We then install a proper flood control system that will keep water out of their basement and give them back a dry, usable space.

Myth 1 – You can stop water from seeping into your basement by using black tar paint on the walls and on the floor.  If you believe this is true, you need to talk to one of the thousands of people who believed this myth to be true and ask them how long it was before their basement flooded and they called a professional to correct the problem.  Only a professionally installed flood controls system that utilizes several different components to control water and prevent it from entering you home will keep your basement dry.

Myth #2 – One system will work for all basements.  Just as each home is unique, flood prevention and waterproofing systems are different.  You need a trained professional to inspect your home to determine if you need an interior system, exterior system or a combination of both.  There is a variety of waterproofing products that can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to protect your home from basement seepage.

Myth #3 – Waterproofing your home will cost thousands of dollars.  While some systems are more expensive, it again depends on your home and your needs.  The cost will depend on what is needed to prevent water from entering your basement and the amount of work required to install the flood prevention systems.  The cost is justified if you consider that you are protecting the structural integrity of your home as well as the health of your family by stopping water from entering your basement.

Our technicians receive continued education to ensure they are up-to-date on all waterproofing techniques.  We are positive that we can help you find an affordable solution to your wet basement problems.  Contact our office for a free evaluation today to see how we can give you back the dry basement you once had.