Student Instrument Store

Are you searching for a good student instrument store ? Check out Woodwind and Brasswind, they have the best selection of wind instrument for you. If you are just a beginner, this would be the best place to look because the prices are affordable and they have a good customer service that will help you choose the best instrument that is right for you. They even offer a Free 1 year subscription to a Jazz online course if you purchase any of the trumpet, trombone, or sax. If you wanna know more about this company, check out their website.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner 2014

As usual we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner in our new home even though its just the four of us. Hubby wanted to have a traditional dinner so we had a whole roasted Turkey with Stuffings, Cranberry Sauce, and Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows. It was our first time to have a whole roast turkey and it was my first time to make it! It turned out really good and based on my boys facial reaction and second helpings – I say they loved it. =)

 photo thanksgiving2014_zps2daf73e8.jpg A 13 lb turkey was big for the 4 of us even though its the smallest that I can find. Because of that, I only prepared a few viands cause I dont want our food to go to waste since we dont eat that much and it makes me feel guilty knowing that there so many people out there who barely have anything. We are truly grateful that we had something to celebrate on this special day and that we are together as family.  :-)

We sure thank God for all the blessings that we received and for each other.

boss tu-3

To all those rock bands out there you must check out this fine pedal tuner, the boss tu-3 .

 photo canvas_zps6a1bf2c7.png

This is what you just need! It has 21-segment LED meter with brightness control, Accu-Pitch Sign function that provides visual verification when tuning is complete, Chromatic and Guitar/Bass mode, and a lot more! To check more about it, just click the link above, it will direct you to it.

Searching for a new Health Insurance policy

Our family Health Insurance policy just ended on September. The Insurance company discontinued our policy due to the new health ordinance issued by the government. Hubby and I was really upset about it and have no choice but to look for a new one that covers everything that we need that has lesser deductible.

It’s quite tough to look for one that is within our budget. We’ve looked online and so far we haven’t decided what to get yet. I hope we can find one soon cause Health Insurance is really important especially that we have little kids. I have found insurance here online but its in North Carolina. It seems like they have a good policy that fits our needs base on what I’ve read in the website. I wish they have one around here in area which would really help a lot in our decision making. Oh well, things are really tough these days, I hope we will surpass it all.

Movvavi Audio Converter for Mac Review – Convenient and Easy!

From time to time you may find that you need to convert your music from one format to another. When that happens, you’re going to need an audio converter, and the truth is that there are many out there. However, despite the fact that audio converters really are a dime a dozen, there are few that can match the sheer features of the Movavi Audio Converter for Mac.

Extensive Library of Features

Not only does Movavi support practically every single format of audio file you’d ever require, it also covers many of the less common file types too – making it the one and only converter you’ll probably ever need.

Assuming you want the audio extracted from a non-audio file, it can do that too – and will pull out the soundtrack from any movie, video clip, or even DVD and save it as a separate file with just a single click. Thanks to its ability to edit audio files, you can even trim, merge, or edit the songs according to your desire.

The batch processing feature allows you to convert multiple files with ease too.

Of course, being a music converter for Mac, the Movavi Audio Converter is able to run on all of the recent versions of OS X. Unlike some of Movavi’s other offerings however, there is no corresponding PC version since instead they have a complete audio suite for their PC users.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a lightweight and yet feature-filled audio converter, the Movavi Audio Converter is tough to measure up to. Not only is it convenient and easy to use, but it also has pretty much everything you could possibly need when you’re converting files, splicing them together, and ending up with the audio track that you need.

Weather in the East Coast : Nice and Brutal

The weather here in the East Coast is so unpredictable this year. Our summer was never been better! I mean our temp stayed in between 70-80 F which I am not complaining about but sometimes it drops to 50F during the night which cause my vegetable garden to wither. And now that school just started, the temperature warms up again to 90F. Isnt that crazy? I was ready to call the Gas Company to have our tank filled up so we will be ready for the coming cold season and all of a sudden it warms up again. Nevertheless, I still need to call the gas company to avoid hassles when everybody starts calling them. Well it’s better to be prepared right?

Anyhow, I’ve heard that Winter this year is gonna be brutal compare last year. Last year was already brutal, how brutal could it get? LOL! Well I would advice to start looking around your house that needs fixing like the house sidings, clog gutter, windows, cables that are ready to fall apart which you can buy av cables at if that is broken. Got to do what you got to do right? Good thing hubby is smart and always prepare for the worst.

Balikbayan Box

This is the second time that I sent a Balikbayan Box to my Family in Philippines since I relocated here in US 7 years ago. I usually just send cash whenever they need or if there is an emergency at home but when I sent my first box last year, I saw that the recipients were very happy when they saw all the goodies inside the box. Because of that, I thought to myself to send a box every year whenever I can to make my family back home happy.

I sent my second box thru the courier Forex World last May 22, but my family received it just a couple of weeks ago. It took 3months before they received it which is quite long than normal. Blame it on the government at home. They change the rules in transportation causing delays of releasing sea containers. Nevertheless, my box arrived in one piece. I am happy to see that my family were very happy and excited upon receiving the box and was able to enjoy all the US made goodies

 photo 10606008_10152480019582530_6241977035380907172_n_zps1044e775.jpg sdfdf

School Band

Its been a couple of days already since school started and so far so good. Kids had been bringing home their work to show me what they did in school. My little one hand me an invitation paper for the school band which he consider of joining. I was surprised that he is interested, but he doesn’t know how to play any musical instruments yet. I thought a guitar would be a good musical instrument for him for a start cause it is not hard to learn. And you can get guitar anywhere easily like the  guitar centre where you can find really good guitars with reasonable prices. This place would be a good start to look for the perfect guitar for my little one cause they have everything. Oh I sure am excited about it. I hope his interest will not diminish with time.

Winkly’s Passing

I still can’t believe our baby kitty Winkly just passed away. =( It’s been over a month already since she got run over by a speeding car in front of our driveway and I missed her terribly. We buried her on our backyard and said a few words about her. We will sure gonna remember Winkly forever. She was the sweetest cat ever.

 photo IMG_0966_zpsc53b4d63.jpg df

Where Did Summer go?

July is almost over. Wow, where did summer go? My family and I havent much enjoyed Summer yet. I sure wanted to go to the beach but sad to say our finances are down lately. We need to tighten our belt for more important and unexpected expenses. Business has been really slow, I hope that it will kick in next month so we have enough for the coming winter. Oh well, it’s not just us who are having difficulty this year, I know a lot of small businesses are hurting as well. A lot of things have change lately including the rules and regulations in business especially if you just started one. There are a lot of things to know and consider that an administrative lawyer is needed to help understand all these. It is important to understand this things so business will be smooth for the coming year. Oh I hope, everything will be back to normal soon, so hubby and I can relax and enjoy Life.