beautiful Spring and Yard Saling

Its getting warmer everyday and I just cant wait for Summer! Spring is really beautiful this year although we have some heavy rains its just okay cause thats what all the plants and trees need to quench their thirst from long hiatus. I cant wait to go Yard Saling in our neighborhood to find some really cool stuff. I wanna look for some used musical instruments for my kids to play as a beginner. I cant afford to buy a new one, maybe when they are older and when they are really into music then I can get them a new musical instrument that they want. I know there are a lot of websites out there that sells musical instruments for a good price like but right now a used one is enough. Well, if you are looking for one just like me you can click here for a great deal. I was browsing and saw this link. Hope this is helpful.

Feels Like Spring

It sure feels like Spring Season already!! I know its early right but we are having some fantastic weather right now. I so hope it will not drop below freezing point again cause I don’t think I can take the weather change anymore. I wanna go out and have some fun in the park and watch a Park Concert and listen to country music. I sure love country music because its very relaxing and makes me think of the good ole days. Ahh! Take me back to yesterday once more when I’m still young and want to buy guitar from the guitar center music stores and learn how to play. 😀

Oh well, its time to get back to reality and I sure hope no more cold days ahead.

Winter 2016

Winter this year is awesome! So far we are having some wonderful weather, like Spring weather. I know its kinda weird and I’m sure its gonna hurt some of the perennial plants and trees, but we are loving it! I didn’t have to wear thick jackets everyday, and we get to enjoy the outdoors! It only snowed twice so far and it was not even bad, it melted right away, that I dont even need to shovel. But before the snow melted, we were able to enjoy it. Its Winter after all. What is Winter without the snow, right? Anyway, I told the kids to go outside and have fun in the snow before it all disappear. So here they are trying to build their snowman. =)

 photo 16508712_10154841169743382_7090861696652028037_n_zps1yvmtx77.jpg

Since it was not so cold outside, the kids were able to stay out all morning playing on the snow.

Best Flying V Guitar


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 photo guitar_zpsvt5xrlvs.pngCheck out this best flying v guitar at Musicians Friend , isn’t it cool? Its the coolest guitar that I’ve seen so far from the Musicians Friend. If you are interested to know more about its specs and reviews, visit their website and search for Gibson 2016. THeres also a video of it that will surely blow your mind. I think this guitar is just amazing. Go check it out.

chillaxing in this cold weather

 photo 15966013_10154744449983382_3246452940437773572_n_zpshnflslfy.jpgSuch a boring day today, nothing much to do. Im done doing all my chores, done cooking dinner as well, so I am just chillaxing around and thinking of giving this book a chance to read. This is my eldest son’s book that he bought from their book fair and hoping that the story would be good, and will keep me entertain in this boring day. Nothing much to do here in the East Coast at this time of the year, its too cold to be hanging outside. So here I am stuck in the house, keeping myself warm with a coffee, and a book to keep me company. tada!

yamaha instruments by guitar center

Yamaha is a very popular brand of musical instruments. It is well known for guitar, organ, and drums. A lot of people trust Yamaha because of its good quality,  sounds great, and reliable. Although its a bit expensive, but people would rather spend more money on Yamaha than buying a cheap instrument that you are not sure off. But for those who cant afford guitar center guitar might the right place to check out. Ive heard they are having a great sale going on. You should check it out, you might find here the one that you are looking for.

First Game of Fall Ball vs New Oxford

 photo 14233208_10154375920848382_5697427635776769818_n copy_zpsf78ivyut.jpg It’s baseball time once again! And this time its Fall Ball. Its Clayton’s second time to join baseball and last Saturday was their first game versus the New Oxford. We didnt win though but the kids had so much fun. They did tried their best and was able to score some home. Clayton didnt hit any ball though, but that’s okay cause there will be more games to come, just need to practice more. I am surprised he paid attention. I was so proud of him. Hope he will do that on all their games. It doesnt matter if he cant hit as long as he pays attention.

Summer is almost over

Soon we will gonna say goodbye to Summer and Hello to Autumn. Its been such a long summer for us the Hemme’s, because most of they day we were stuck in the house doing just the usual thing. Life has been pretty tough so we didnt get the chance to go to the beach for a vacation and listen to the ocean drum     . Oh well, theres always next time, maybe when things are getting better.

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Time fly so fast for little boys. And guess what this little boy just turn 7! Yay! Fun Fun Fun!
We just had a simple celebration, only us family. No party this year coz money is tight, but we make sure that the little one is going to have a blast on his birthday.  So what we did is… we took him to the game store and let him choose the video game he wants. Then later on, we took him to Hickory Falls where all the fun is! As you can see the photos below the little boy was having fun. After that, we dine out in our fave restaurant, then bought a birthday cake for the little guy to blow and make a wish. And then play the video game that he bought at the game store.

It was a fun day for the little guy. I am so glad that he didn’t ask for more. So proud of him. photo Untitled-2_zpsyf8fywuv.jpg photo Untitled-1_zpsbwjjhxqb.jpg photo IMG_0017_zpsnweu1ybx.jpg

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