Yesterday, was a very special day for my little one.
of course, it would have been perfect if his plop plop was with us to share this special moment, and to see his little bug growing to be a very good boy just like Kuya JJ.

We celebrate his birthday by attending a mass at Sacred Hearts Church, so God will blessed him with all the good things in life as he grows up and then had a party at the Park in Westminster, Maryland, where the kids had so much fun playing on the playground. It was fun even though it was just a simple party and only few people were able to make it. I so wish that his plop plop were there then it would be a perfect day. =)

Im so happy that finally my little precious is now 1year old, cant wait when he started running around our yard with his big brother and then go to school… and then I could relax. hehehe.

ANyhow, here are some photos from yesterdays party, to enlarge it just click the photos.

playing bubbles

the celebrant ……………….waiting for the cake

blowing the candle, the guys at the side helped him.

opening presents. thank you Scotts family for this beautiful toy and the onesies

and Mom, Dad, Aunt Darla and Monicas Family for the shopping spree later. =)
(kinsa maning gwapa nga ga kugos na ko oi)
and to Carla and kids for being there. =)