We had dinner last night at Fridays, one of our favorite place to dine out at York. We celebrated JJ’s end of summer PreK Program for doing a good job for this last 4 weeks in school and made a great progress from being a shy boy to a very bubbly boy(kind of irritating to me. lol). So, he deserved this treat, also its been awhile since we treated ourselves out, this was a great time to spend quality time together from all the hassles in our traffic life. Even though hubby was not feeling great because of a very bad headache, he still made an effort to take us out.
So here we are with our munchies…
The kids shared a kids meal chicken fingers with mandarin oranges, as for me I got sizzling chicken with shrimps(super yummy!) and for hubby he got half rack Jack Daniels Glazed Ribs(yum to the Max!)
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