My Kuya Jian is now officially 6 years old since yesterday. I am so happy and proud of him, coz in just a short time, he’d accomplish a lot of things. He sure deserves a big party. =)
Due to my laziness we skip the big party this year. I was not in the mood to cook and make preparations, I dont have the energy to do all that. =(. Maybe, i’ll make it up next year. =)

So I just made it simple, I bought cupcakes and box juices for his friends in school to enjoy. He was very happy when he got home. He showed me his presents, that he got from school, and his bday card. Then later on, hubby and I took him to Cousler Park, and they played there until dark. Then afterward, hubby took us to Pet Co, and bought more fishes for JJs tank. Hubby got this aquarium a couple of weeks ago, as an advance bday present, isnt that cool? this will teach him to be more responsible by feeding them everyday. And guess what? He is doing great!=)After PetCo, we grabbed our pizza from Pizza Hut, and head home. JJ love pizza, specially the stuffed crust of Pizza Hut, he could eat 4 huge slices of Hawaiian Luau. lol.
After eating the pizza, I surprised him with this Scooby Doo cake.He loved it! He was so happy and excited to blow the candles. and of course the little guy was trying to blow also. lol
and my present for him is a book of Dr Seuss ‘The Grinch who stole Xmas’ and the Grinch himself. He was so so so Happy, he read it right away and cuddled the Grinch and sleep with him. I am so glad that he enjoyed his special day, even though its just us. We ate all the cake and now we got a tummy ache, for eating too much cake. lol.