I bet all Filipinos are celebrating right now due to another victory of our People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao against Antonio Margarito by a unanimous decision. It was a pretty good fight, Antonio didn’t give up, even though he knows that he got no chance at Manny. He fought very hard and remain standing through the last round. I think he wants to prove to the people specially the people in Mexico that he is a true fighter, and wants to regain their trust from the previous scandal that he was in, which cause the suspension of his career for 1 year. He was a pretty tough opponent but was not fast enough to avoid Mannys blow by blow. In fact he was very slow, an easy target of Manny’s super cut punches. But All in all, it was a good fight. I am so proud at our Filipino fighter, despite all his achievements he remain down to earth, good at heart, and a true Gentleman. He have proven it in this fight. He was worried about Antonio Margarito’s cuts on his face, that if they will not stop the fight it might be the end of his career, so he kept on asking the referee to checked him out, but they didnt stop the fight. At the last round, Manny just took it easy because he doesnt want to destroy his opponent, and of course he already knows that he is the winner. He is truly a People’s CHamp! Congratulation Manny!! You made all Filipinos very proud of you!

Here is the High Light of their Fight last night at Dallas, Texas ( VIDEO COURTESY OF HBO SPORTS/HBO PAY-PER-VIEW via Yahoo Sports)