Our LIGHTed Jack o Lanterns, carved by me of course. These were the pumpkins that my eldest son harvested a couple of months ago, from his pumpkin patch that he planted on our backyard last Spring Season. His pumpkin patch was able to produce 4 pumpkins, which is just right for us. We kept it inside the house, so it wont get any moisture inside that would cause it to soften and rot. And so that it will last till Halloween. When I open it up last Sunday, it was still fresh and perfect to carved. As for the faces, I just copy it from online. I believe I did a pretty good job in carving them. 🙂

Anyhow, below is US with our pumpkins. Photo was taken after trick or treating. If you notice the little guy is busy trying to open his lollipop. =D


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