Hubby and I had been searching for a new property with a cute house for a long time now. Maybe you are wondering why we want to leave our current place that seems perfect?. Well, this house we live in needs so much repairs, and the cost to repairย  it is like the same cost of building a new house. That bad, really! Can you imagine having a propane bill with an average of $900 a month for 7months?ย  Thats too much, I know right?. This house has so many holes that let the cold air in, and the basement floods as well. We want to refinance it, but the mortgage company didnt approve our application, so we have no choice but to surrender this house and find a new place that we are not afraid to spend money with. Hubby and I thought that this house is not worth spending.

For months of house searching, we found this cute log house cabin(photo below) that is situated in the 3acres of wooded lot. The location of this house is just perfect for hubby’s business, since its close to MD, and other places that he always goes to, to buy junks. When we first saw this house, we fell in love right away. It’s secluded, private, and perfect to raise family and hubby’s business(no nosy neighbor). It’s 500meters away from the neighbors and its surrounded with wooded properties and farm lands. The house itself is beautiful even though its tiny, but its perfect for a family of four. The couple who lives here take good care of the place. Before they put it in the market, the fixed everything like new. Below are some photos I took last year in fall season, when we had the chance to look around and inside the house.


Front View


Back View with a pretty patio and little fountain


Jian feeling at home in The Family Room


The Back Woods

Yes, very pretty isnt it? Too bad that the Zoning Committee denied our request to buildย  a 24×24 work building for hubby at the back of the woods. I dont see any reason why that dang attorney denied us, and to think he is not even a member of the committee, he is just their lawyer, but he made the decision to deny us. This really made hubby feel so depressed, because he really want this property and he is tired of looking. And also we already made the deal with the owner. But we havent bought it yet. We cant buy it, if they will not let us have that building.

Hubby hired a lawyer to deal with the zoning and tonight is our hearing! We are hoping for a positive result tonight. I hope that dang lawyer will not interfere with our plans, and hope that the committee will hear us out first before they make a decision.

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