Halloween in Codorus Park was quite early this early. Its good though because we can trick or treat twice and that means more candies! =D on. My kids were dressed the same as last year, a Warrior and a red ninja. I didnt get them a new costume cause the old one still fits and I dont want to spend that much on something that they will only used one time. So for those who havent seen their costumes.. here it is.  photo 11219406_10153640965678382_2835825846541149989_n_zpsqzih6egr.jpg
And below were some of the pics at the park.
 photo halloween2015_zpsbrndhi1r.jpg The campers in Codorus Park did a really good job in decorating their camping area and almost all of them participate this year. My kids were able to gather a lot of candies and they had so much fun trick or treating and checking out the awesome decorations. It sure was a fun day inspite the crowd. But it was a good crowd though. Glad that my kids had fun. So if you havent been experience Halloween in Codorus yet, well, you better check it out next time.

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