Today was one of the nicest day of the season at the temperature of 61F. I grabbed the opportunity to take the kids outside and do some fun stuff as soon as we got home from dropping off somebody. I sure don’t wanna be in the house in this nice weather. We’ve been stuck in the house for so long, that I don’t wanna missed it.

Anyhow, I was glad that I got that bubbles from Target the other day for JJ, a couple of perennial seeds, and some gardening tools to dig dirts and earth worms.
We played some bubbles, planted a few seeds – i know its kinda early but what the heck the kids enjoyed it, and surveyed the side of the house for sprouting plants. We’ve found a couple and here they are…

Daffodils and our Lilac Bush

and this one… i dont know, but it sure is pretty when fully bloom in Summer. It grows up to a foot and no matter we mowed it a couple of times, it still grows back, isnt that a wonder? =)
so there you go.. thats what we all did today. I wanna look around some more but time is not our side. We got to rush to complete our everyday tasked. If you know me.. you know what it is. hehehe..
I hope tomorrow is another beautiful day, because I wanna take the kids to the Park! =)