Time fly so fast for these little ones, not that long ago I would wake up a lot of times in the night just to feed them and sing them a lullaby so that they would go back to sleep. Now the little guy could sleep heavenly all through the night, Kuya got his own space and do things of his own and mommy can now have time to do little stuff for herself. Still I would watch them sometimes all through the night, just listen to their heavy breathing are such music to my ears. I cant helped it to smile and thank God for giving me such lovely boys. I feel so lucky and blessed of having them. I’d been complemented a lot of times by strangers of how beautiful they are, behaved so wonderfully, and how respectful my Kuya is, which really makes me feel so proud. I believe that I did a good job in raising them. Free Userbars

Now my little Claybob is 11months old, crawling around the house pushing his new car. He sure loves it. He is still learning how to walk, sooner or later he will be running around our yard with his Kuya chasing all the bugs and fixing the cars with their twools. hehehe. I sure cant wait when that time comes. =) Im just so happy and proud to be their mother.