Had a wonderful day today with my 2 buglets.
It was a very nice day to missed, with the temperature of 50F, got to go out, feel the sun and smell the fresh air.
What we did today?..
* First we went to church, attend a mass and to my surprised, was approached by an old lady, complimenting me on how behaved my kids are specially the little one. It was very heart warming feeling.

* Then it was Flea Market Day, I thought we walked around and looked for some goodies to find.and i found this baby toy that make sounds for only a quarter. I thought its a pretty good deal and my ClayBob loves it. =) i washed it of course before handing it to him.

* then i cooked them a healthy lunch ‘vegetable beef soup’ and got compliments from the buglets coz they were able to emptied their plates.

* After we filled our tummy we watched a Scooby Doo Movie which my eldest favorite show =)

* before the day ends, I took them outside for a walked around our yard. They had a wonderful time exploring specially near the creek. JJ wants to check out the pond but I told him that there are lots of snakes there and they might bite him. ( just saying it to keep him off from going there. hehe)

it was really a great day, it would be complete if hubby is with us.

Anyhow here are some of the photos from our walked. Enjoy!
*the creek that runs across our front yard.

*exploring the back yard. behind me, over the hill is a big corn field, thats where we get our free corns. hehehe,, juz kiddin =)