I was gonna blog yesterday but due to the bad news that weve received, it just blows me off and retreat in my shell. I couldn’t believe how things are happening. Its the least that we expected right now. We were hoping that things will be okay this month, but bad luck hits us once again. April fool that is! ha! I sure cant believe that my doubts are true about our lawyer. I was having a bad feeling about him every time Steven tells me about him and his case, it even doubled when I saw him upon submitting some documents to him last month. My instincts are proven true again!
Our quality of life is going down hill, and it hurts so much, coz we’ll gonna lose everything that we work hard for! My poor baby is so sick and tired. I know he is hurting inside, he just dont wanna show it coz he wants me to be strong for the kids,. He keeps on telling me that things will be ok. I know its not and it wont be for a long time.
We still got 1 card left and hope we’ll win it, if not, then the fight is over, then all we have to do is wait.
The thing is….i miss him so much and the waiting is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!