I sure dont understand why so many bad things happened to us since hubby left. I was wondering what did I do to deserve so many trials in life. I’m not over yet with the previous one and now another one! I am so ready to pass out and hoping that when I wake up its all just a nightmare. Im so tired of dealing all these, my mind wants to shut down completely. Thinking all about it is making me feel so vulnerable and weak, I sure dont know what to do anymore. 🙁 I wonder whats gonna happen next? Please Lord nothing that I cant deal with, coz I dont know if I could ever hold on still, my kids needs me more than anything right now. Im so glad that my mom is here to hold on to and take care of the kids while im in my depressed mode. She sure lighten my load a bit and give me a chance to be alone and deal with my nightmares.