Our Dodge blue Sports Van was totaled last Friday upon heading home. Thank God everybody was okay. I had the kids checked out at the Emergency at York and the nurse said I dont have to worry coz they are fine. As for me, I just had a little neck pain on the next day and my left hand was feeling numb. I just took some Ibuprofen and it helps subside the pain. My mom was in shocked and raised her blood pressure up, but we dont have to worry about it coz she brought some medicines for it from Phil.

Anyhow… so we got this new van here that hubby rented for us to used while we dont have our Dodge Van yet. I dont know if the old van is fixable, it looks like its the end of it. People will come later to check its damage and see if they could do anything. Well.. I gonna miss that van coz I feel so comfortable driving it. Now I dont know if we could get a new one, our budget is telling us its out. lol. For now.. wer gonna be using this rental van, it sure looks nice, and I wish that its mine, of course its not. =( Later on we will go out and pick up some stuff for hubby. Who says the accident will stop me from going out? Nah! hahahaha.. im confident enough to drive again even in the interstate. =)