his morning, I was able to finished hacking, pulling, raking the weeds and grasses out at the right side of the back of our house. Im so proud of myself after Im done coz I believe I did a very good job. I wish we got some extra money to put plastic on it to keep the weeds of growing on top. And then put mulch on it. Red mulch would be perfect, it will beautify our nice little Cape Cod house. =)

I know this weeds and grasses will grow back in a few days again. but what the heck? I will pull them again! LoL. Also its a good exercise of the lower back and upper thigh. JJ is my little helper, he helps me in throwing them away in the trash bin, to him its all a game, but you know he is such a nice boy, he will do everything what mama says. =)

<-Anyhow, tomorrow Im gonna start on this left side of the back of the house. It looks pretty tough huh? it would be tougher if Im not gonna do it! LoL. Well, doing this job makes me feel good about myself and forget a lot of things that I want to forget even just a couple of minutes. Im glad too that mom is here to watch the kids while I do the dirty stuff. =) By the way.. I got a new battery for the riding mower. I will try to put it on tomorrow and see if it works(crossing my fingers!).Im so pretty excited on riding that thing again. I tell ya its kinda addictive. wink *)