My little Teban had been crying since yesterday and want to be held always. He would put his head on my shoulder and complain about the coming teeth. Yes Teeth! 2 toothsies on both side of his mouth, the Canine I think. He was cranky all day and was so uneasy. I soothe it with a little anbesol but it didnt work. I gave him a teether but he doesnt want it, instead he throws it on the floor. I gave him a cold piece of cloth, still he doesnt like it. Hmp. I sure dont know what to do to ease the pain his feeling now. All I could do right now is cuddle him in my arms, sing him a lullabye until he fall asleep. I sure hate to see him like this, he never behave like this before. It sure must have hurt him really bad. My poor baby… Well.. it will be over soon, I hope tomorrow, so I could relax and watch my shows. =P