We celebrate Mothers Day by attending a mass at Sacred Hearts Parish. After that we went home and cooked the food that we want to eat
BarBQ POrk with Soy Sauce and Ginataang Mussels.
Hmmmm…It was quite Yummy! you know why? because my Mom cooked it! and guess what? I gained 2lbs because of the extra rice. lol.
Anyhow ..
After our little feast.. we went to the Mall. I had a little shopping, hubby told me to buy something I want as his Mothers Day present to me. Its better than flowers and chocolates right? I just bought a high heeled shoes to used on my baby boys Christening this coming May 29, its nothing expensive, just right for my budget. One thing for sure.. my legs looked good in it, I cant wait to wear it!. =) After that we took the kids to the Kids Fun Place that is in the Mall. Jj had a wonderful time, we stayed their until theyve closed.
It was a fun day even though its a bit windy. We didnt do anything fancy but it was sure special.