We were not home when he got home. JJ had a doctors appointment on 9:15am, I thought we will be done there early like 10am, go home, cook lunch and surprise him, that was the plan, but he got home first. I didnt expect that we would be stuck in the clinic for a whole 2hours. He got home when we were almost done at the clinic, still he was surprise when he saw the banner that we made for him. =)

It was already lunch time and our tummy were growling, so I just made a quick easy-to-cook food Pancit Canton Guisado and Pork Chicken Adobo. Its his favorite. =)Yummy!

Its great that he is home. I feel secured once again. Kids were so happy, JJ cant help himself to talk nonstop to his plop plop and follows him around anywhere he goes even down in the basement. We talked about our plans, watched a movie, walked around the yard and fixed the gate so nobody would trespass again.
Im so happy that finally things are getting lighter. I know this coming days we’re gonna be extremely busy, coping up with our loss and executing our plans bit by bit. I know we can make it, that big trial that we just overcome had made us stronger, better and strengthen our relationship. I thank God for bringing him to us safe and sound. I hope it will get better and brighter each day. =)