Yes! Finally I got a new van.
This morning we went to the preowned cars dealership to get my new van. Its Toyota Sienna 2001 with a very good mileage for its year. I sure cant believe that we got it for a very good price. Its already inspected, and we dont have to worry about the tag and title. It still needs a bit of doodads but for me its enough. What can I ask for more, with our situation right now? I sure got no right to be choosy. Anyhow Im happy even though its not the latest or the high end, the important thing is we got a ride that will take us anywhere we want to go, Right? that is why hubby is so in love with me, im such a very understanding wife. LoL. The truth is he really wants to get me a new one coz he thinks I deserve it. But I told him that we cant afford it right now, we should just get the cheapest preowned that we could find in the net. He knows that I like Toyota Sienna so he tried to find me one that fits on our budget. I am so loving it, better than the old one, rides pretty good, so smooth and looks like in a very good condition. We read the car Faqs and its never been in an accident, everything is still original and theres only one previous owner.
Its better than nothing right?