My little Teban was not feeling good last night. He got a fever of 101.9. He doesnt want to sleep on his crib, coz he wants to feel my body warm. I watched him all night. I checked his temperature if his fever subside, gave him tylenol every 4 hours, keep the cold pack on his head and hold him all through the night. I was praying that his fever will subside and will not go up more than 102. God heard my prayers and this morning at 5am it went down to 99. whew! I was so worried. It sure breaks my heart to see him so uneasy and feeling so weak. Before that, I knew something is the matter coz he just plop himself on his play pen, no energy to giggle and play with his toys, and everytime I pick him up, he would put his head on my shoulder right away. Thank God he is okay now. When he woke up this morning, he still feel so weak but he was moving around and play his big brother’s toy train. Slowly he was recovering from his fever, eating good, dancing and giggling with his big brother.
I think his fever was causeddue by his teething. He was drooling and keeps on putting his fingers in his mouth. I gave him a frozen teether and he bit it right away. I hope it would be easy for him when his teeth comes out. My first one had a hard time, he was even admitted in the hospital for vomitting constantly and almost dehydrated. I dont wanna experience that with my little one here. I pray to God always that everything will be okay for him. =)