Its been a while since I wrote something here. Life has made me very busy lately since hubby came home and when my mom went back to Phil. Hubby went back to work ASAP, coping up with his business, and shoveling back the money we lost from the previous months. Its quite tough, but God is good, we still got lots of opportunities and customers that stayed loyal to us. Hubby is always good with his customers, he treat them fairly and give them good prices of junks. They trust him, they know that he would never cheat on them, he even share to them his knowledge so that theyl know which is which and what is what. =)

Things are slowly getting back to normal. Even though we are having some financial difficulties, we still try to have quality time together, see places, and have some fun. There are still restrictions because hubby is still under parole. Before we go to other State, he needs to inform the concern people that he will go here and there, stay here and there, and things that he’s gonna do… and blah blah blah! Its sucky right? It sure changed our Life. But its okay, nothing is easy this days, and it wont be long now, he will be completely free in a couple of months from now. =)
By the way.. here are some updates since last week of May.

May 29 – Clayton got baptize. He is now a Christian! The reception was in Super Buffet, Town Mall Westminster. It was a great day, almost everybody that I invited came. Here are some photos that day.

May 31 – Memorial Day. We attended a party. It was my friend advance bday party. We had a great time, the food was great and the chismisan was awesome. lol

Well.. here are the girlfriends. =)June 1 – Drove my mom to the airport at Washington Dulles. I surely missed her. She was a big helped to us when hubby was away. She lifted some of my loads on my shoulders and freed some of my worries. Here are some of our last photos together.

June 13 – was Filipino Festival at Towson, Maryland. It was our first time to attend such event and was very surprised coz there were so many Filipinos. I wonder where all they came from. lol. I never seen so many around here, maybe because we live in a country and I dont go out that often. Anyhow it was a fun day, there were parades, Santa Cruzan, lots of foods, concerts, programs, etch etch… to show how fun it was.. here are some of our pix.

June 20 – 23 – Hubby took us with him to Kentucky for a business trip. I had been anticipating this trip for a long time coz Im curious on whats in Kentucky. Its supposed to be just 12 hours drive but since were coming, it turns out to be a 14 hours drive because of lots of stops and rest along the way. We took off early Sunday morning so that we got time to dawdle around. We sure had fun in that long ride, even though the baby was a bit cranky. The panoramic scenes going to KT was breathtaking, magnificent rocks formations, big rivers, historic bridges, big farms, and mountainous highways kept us entertained along the way. When we are almost there, hubby took us to the Hotel that got everything nice, used their facilities and had a good breakfast. yum! =) Anyhow here are some photos that I took on this trip. =)

July 4 – Independence Day. We celebrate it at Buffalo, New York to witness the fireworks at Niagara Falls. It was only 7hours drive from home but we left the house early so that we can check out Mt Morris City which is an hour to Buffalo, NY. We stayed in one of the Hotels in Mt Morris to avoid the high cost of the big City. We went to Letchworth State Park in Mt. Morris and checked out the Dam and the Grand Canyon of the East as what they are claiming. We didnt survey much the place because its starting to get dark and we need to get up early the next morning to head to Buffalo, New York. Anyhow here are some photos at Mt. Morris.

Our plan to get up early in the morning didnt worked out. We got up like 9am already because of the kids kept us up so late. We hurried and had breakfast at the Hotel, it was ok, not the greatest that we expected for the money we paid. Buffalo is an hour away and we got there 12pm already. We eat lunch first at Bob Evans and head to the Falls. It was our first time, so we were awed on how big it is, the view was so breathtaking on the observation tower and how fun it was on board of the Maid of the Mist. It was the most exciting ever, to see up close the horseshoe water fall, that experience was so unforgettable, I want to ride the Maid of the Mist again and again. =)
JJ had fun but the little one got scared as the water splash on him, he just hold me tight during the ride and Steven hold me tight to make sure that I wont fall in the water because we are standing at the side of the boat, just to get a good view of the fall. =) After that ride we got hungry, so we had dinner at the nearest restaurant in the area. After that we went back to the van to get our blanket to sit on near the falls and wait for the fireworks to start. The fireworks started 10pm and it only lasted 20mins (i think) or shorter. Anyhow all in all it was a great day, inspite of so many people and u have to wait in line for a long time to get on the Maid of the Mist, still it was a fun day. After the show we drove back home right away. Hubby and I took turns in driving. We got home 7am in the morning and slept all day until afternoon. What a day, what an experience, we definitely go back next time, and hopefully there will be lesser people, so we can really have a great time. Here are some pix of the Fall. =)