thats my little schooler! at Spring Grove Elementary School ground with his blue backpack that had been provided by the school including all the materials inside his pack. =)

I sure cant believe he is going to school already, it seems like it was just yesterday when he first set foot here in US, that was 2 years ago and he barely said a word, and now he is bobbling about what they did at school and how he loves snack time. lol
He changed so much through the years of staying here. He is no longer the spoiled brat Lolo’s boy that would get what he wants all the time. =)

I am so glad that he is enjoying school. He looks forward to it everyday. Last Thursday, their teacher Ms Morris told them to wear color blue on Monday, he was so excited to tell me when I picked him up and he’d been talking about it all weekend until Sunday that they’re gonna wear blue and he have to find a blue shirt, so thats why he was wearing blue today. =)
And Tomorrow is gonna be green and so off to the dresser!