I finally found the culprit that caused so much racket in the middle of the night!
leave me sleepless and so damn tired during the day.
oh i like to step on him and crushed him to pieces but
thanks to him, he made a noise at 3:30pm which woke me up in my pretty nap.
when I saw the time, I rushed outside right away
and there, on our driveway was the school van of my son waiting for me to picked him up.
thank goodness I made it, or else the driver might take him back to school
and I would have to pick him up from there.
I sure cant believe I fell asleep. I was not feeling good,
head hurts and feeling nauseated
I even forgot about Claybob that he was wandering in our living room with his toys
and when we got back in the house, I saw him on the table in front of my laptop, holding my cellphone, showing me that I got a call from school.
that was really so irresponsible of me. I have to remind myself not to lay down on the bed coz i might fall asleep again.
Anyhow after that, i saw Jiminy Cricket peaking on my blanket,instead of crushing him, I grabbed him and took him outside, where he can do his concert.
.. he turns out to be an angel after all, and not an asungot. lol
well.. here he is.. on our porch ready to hop on the bush.