Aug 16 was our Anniversary of wedded bliss. Im so happy to announce that hubby and I made it!

It was quite a battle of 3years of differences, trials, big winter storms.. e and im very proud to say that we overcome it and hopefully until our last breath. Smiley

We just stayed home that day and made dinner extra special. Hubby was trying to cope up with lost times from work due to his truck that got broke down at Kentucky a couple of weeks ago while he was traveling. He got stucked in the auto shop for a couple of days, and spend a lot of money in repairs and new parts for his truck, good thing they were able to fixed it, and when hubby got home, he worked non stop right away and promised that we are going to take a trip before school starts.
So.. we took a trip at the Long wood Gardens which is just outside Philly. So far.. Its the most beautiful garden that Ive ever visited. Its so huge that we missed a lot of beautiful spots in the garden, only half of it that we toured. We definitely go back and see them all.SmileyAnyhow, we had a great time, the kids enjoyed exploring the garden, and hubby love it. So many cool stuff, specially in the Conservatory where you find plants and trees all over the world.

The First stop was the Topiary Garden:The Topiary garden was so cool, the kids really enjoyed it. They had fun identifying the shapes of the bushes and running around hugging all the bushes.

After the Topiary we stroll along the west side of the garden and found this hidden Chimes Tower surrounded with beauties. To read about this tower click HERE
One of our favorites is the Conservatory. You will find here all sorts of plants from around the world, common and rare. The way they made this place makes me awed and was so amazed on how they constructed this place and collected all this living species in the Conservatory.
Here are some photos inside:tropical
my favorite.. the Water Lilies ShowMy scent seekers.. kuya is reading his scent seeker bookso many things in the conservatory that were not able to see because we ran out of time. They closed 6pm that day, and we thought that its too early coz we havent surveyed the East side of the Garden where the house of Pierre duPont is, the Italian Garden and Tree houses. We will definitely go back, and this time we will gonna watch a concert, witness the fountain show and fireworks, and visit those Tree houses that are so cool. Im so glad we visited the garden that day, the rain didnt pour on us, we had a great time, we didnt worry about hunger because they have a restaurant located next to the Conservatory.
After Longwood Garden, we looked for a Hotel to stay for the night and head to Philly the next day for business then to Delaware which is just closed at Philly and visit the Brandywine Zoo. Theres nothing much in there but kids had fun at the petting zoo, specially claybob that got the chance to ride the miniature goat. =)
Im sure happy and feel contented inspite all our troubles in life. Our relationship change so much through the years. our foundation is getting stronger and I expect more happy years to come.