yep! thats where we went yesterday to pick our pumpkins for this coming Halloween. =).
Swamp Fox Farms was just a few minutes away from our place, glad that hubby took a day off and spend some quality time with us. It was a very nice day, the sun was up, and the temperature was just right for fun field activities. We rode on a tractor trailer with full of hays (they call it hay ride. lol), it took us to the pumpkin patch, that is full of pumpkins! The kids had fun in the hay ride, it was our First Hay Ride, even for hubby! lol. I was having a little discomfort sitting on the hays because its poking on my butt. hehehe.
Anyway.. we had a hard time choosing our pumpkins because there were so many to choose from! they got a huge pumpkin patch. I definitely want a big pumpkin, good thing they got a Radio Flyer wagon to carry all our goodies. The kids had fun choosing their pumpkins, Cayton cant decide which one to get! lol He keeps on jumping from one pumpkin to another. I guess he was bewildered whats this orange round thing is on the ground. hehehe..

After the pumpkin picking we played in the corn maze. Clayton was so fast, running to the maze and almost lost him. He seems like he knows what he is doing and where to go. JJ was leading the trail but the little guy is not following. He got his own trail. lol. Good thing plop plop was their to pick him up while i follow JJ before i lose him in the maze.
We really had fun yesterday. after pumpkin picking we went to Hardees and got some of our favorite munchies to take home with us. And watch a movie afterward. We were so tired that we decided to carve our pumpkins later after JJ got home from school.
Well.. here are some photos to share from yesterday. Click them for a bigger viewing.