Finally done all the carving. It took me overnight to do all three. It still need one more pumpkin, I’ll just go tomorrow at pumpkin hills to grab one more pumpkin for hubby. =)

Anyhow, Im very proud of the result, I think i did a good job carving all our pumpkins. The little ones tried to help but instead of helping they just made a mess specially the little guy, making it hard for me to finish the job, he only adds up. lol. He was very curious on what Im doing, he keeps on grabbing my carving tools and want to do it. Im afraid he might hurt himself, so I watched him closely when I carve.
Well, we are almost ready for the Halloween. The kids already got their costumes and Halloween baskets for the trick or treating, and I got my costume ready also. I still need to get bigger candles so the pumpkins are lit up until dawn. Its gonna be an awesome night of trick or treating, have a safe night everyone!. =)