We got a new kitty! He is so pretty, and…. greedy! LoL. I say greedy because he eats all the crunchies outside thats supposed to be for the 2 cats (gray and ash gray) that has been staying on our yard for quite some time now. We don’t know where this yellow kitty came from, he just decided to stay on our porch and wants to come in the house. He must be crazy, our baby cat Jubal will just tear him apart, thats been watching him intently and ready to attack.
My husband named this yellow kitty Morris, I dont know why.. but I want to named him Fluffy. lol. Because he is so fluffy, so cuddly, so gentle, and plump! hehe.. My kids loves him because he lets them pet him. This kitty must be used to with people coz he is not afraid, he would purr and brush his body on our legs asking for crunchies. Steven think he is a scumbag, trying to trick steven for food by looking so cute. lol isnt that so funny? haha..I bet he goes around house to house asking for goodies. I think he belongs to somebody coz he is very clean and looks like he’d been brush really good and so plump! lol. I hope he stay for a while and keep us company. I missed our old cat Meow meow that had been hanging on our porch for a long time, who follows us around like a dog. He disappeared last winter. We were hoping that he was ok and he would show up, but he didn’t which really broke our heart. Anyway.. this kitty Morris is very cute and.. PLUMP! hehehe….I sure like him. =)