Last night, was just me and the kids here in the house, hubby was out on a business trip and back later tonight.
I was so bored last night that I decided to order a medium size supreme pizza at PizzaHut online and download a movie to go with our pizza.

Kids love the pizza and enjoyed the disney classic movies(Dumbo, Bambi, & Cinderella) that I downloaded. I hook my laptop on TV so that we have a wide screen to watch. I was surprised that JJ like classic movies specially Cinderella. He was jumping and laughing specially when the cat chased the mice around the house and he was sad when the bad sisters and step mother pick on cinderella. lol
My little guy didnt care much, coz he was busy munching on his pizza and making a mess. =)

So last night turned out fun, even though its just us,
even though claybob made a mess on the carpet, throw his leftovers on the floor and squirt his apple juice box everywhere. lol. (katawa nalang ta kaysa magkonsume)

Anyhow, we missed hubby, kids missed their playtime last night but they got the chance to snuggle with mama on our bed. =)