I cant believe how much he’d grown for the last 2 years since the first time he step foot on the land of milk and honey. He was so innocent, quite, sensitive, aloof, clings to me so tight, so afraid to lose sight of me. He was like this when he just got here. And now? he is so full of confidence, so determine, responsible, obedient, smart, very active, and a babbler. lol. Aint that funny? totally opposite from he used to be. He sure is my pride and joy. He makes me so proud everyday even just a little thing he does. I am so overjoyed and surprised of what he’d become. He used to be a Lolo’s boy, very spoiled to his grandma and grandpa and gets what he wants always… and now… look at him.. that spoiled little boy is gone. He knows that he cant have everything he wants, he learned how to wait when the right time comes and he waits patiently, thats my kindergartner, as a parent it is a big achievement and to think he is only 5! I believe, I deserve a pat on my back. He sure made my job easy. Now I could relax a bit and watch him grow to be a very fine boy.