Today, time just went back to normal, yesterday was the last day of Daylight Saving Time.
I woke up pretty early, with a little bit of headache. I noticed the sun was already up at 7am. Yesterday it was still dark at 7 but today it was so bright outside. Clayton was already up also, but he was not making any sound, he was just laying still and playing with his stuff animals in his crib, poking their tummies. lol. When he saw me got up, he raised his arms right away, he wants me to get him. Afterward, he reached for his Can of Milk, tapping it with his little fist, that means only one thing, he is hungry. lol. After that I adjusted a few clocks, turning them an hour back. My cellphone and laptop don’t need to adjust because they change automatically. We don’t have wall clocks, usually I just look at my phone for time cause its more precise.

Anyhow, I better start going before the day ends, it will be dark soon before I knew it. The sun will start to set a bit early like 4:30pm, and at 5 it will be dark already. I will blog some more later. Right now.. I want to take the kids outside and enjoy the sun while we can. =)