The baby boy woke me up so damn early today! sigh .. what can I do? or else he will screech really loud, if I dont tend him right away. lol. He was up like quarter before 6, crawled out from bed and started pulling my sheets, grabbing my hand and tapping his milk can that he was able to reached from the table. It was still so dark outside, the sun was not even peeping out yet, and I really feel so sleepy because hubby and I were up so late last night due to watching our favorite show. of course we deserve to relax and get some snuggles after the long day, and when the kids are in bed.
I think this was the effect of the time changed. It really changed my kids sleeping time. They sleep a little early from the normal time and wakes up really early in the morning, specially the little guy. I guess I have to change my sleeping habit too, sigh. It sure is getting harder to keep up with my guys. =) Anyway.. I just plop down on the couch with my laptop, check facebook, blog a little and close my eyes a bit while the little guy watched his favorite show. I hope tomorrow he will sleep a little longer… hehe

photo below taken after an hour of 6. as u notice the ground is all frosty. it starting to get below the freezing point at night..very chilly! =)