Here are the trick or treaters!! lol
i know this post is kind of late. I had been so busy lately that I got no time to blog about our Halloween night. Well, here it is, I was dress as a cow girl, and my guys dressed as Sulley from Monsters Inc. and a Dalmation 103. lol. We just went to Town Mall, Westminster and did out trick or treat there coz its safer and less cold. There were so many people trick or treating. It was the first time, that I saw that mall full of people. Its always been empty during weekdays, even weekends! But last Sunday, the line was so long to get a lollipop or a sticker and after an hour, there were no more candies, and… there were still lots of people coming in the mall hoping that there still candies left. I should have thought that there will be lots of people there because thats the only Mall in that area. And the only mall that is close to us, that does trick or treating. But inspite all that, the kids had fun seeing other kids with their costumes and racing for candies. My little guy cant say the words trick or treat yet, so he just stared at the lady and wait for his candy, and later on sit on the floor, search the candy in his bag, and munch on it while others were waiting for their turn to get a candy. lol. i have to drag him to get out of the way. hehehe…

After all the trick or treating, I was so ready to eat a horse. Hubby took us to Texas RoadHouse. It was our first time there, I thought they only got Steaks but they got other stuff too, like this Grilled Pork Chop plus 2sides of your choice for only 9 bucks, 1/3 pounder Cheeseburger with French fries, and my sons favorite chicken tenders with apple sauce. Yum!! It was good.

I was not able to enjoy it that much coz the little guy keeps on squealing, grabbing, and squirming out of my grasp! They dont have high chair, only booster sit (no latch), so I was really having a hard time settling Clayton down. whew! that was a tough one. lol.

Anyhow, it turned out a fun night, kids enjoyed their candies when we got home, specially the ones that Katty gave them, it was all Hersheys. Im surprised they didnt complain for tummy ache, only a little hyper but later on got tired and fell asleep without brushing their teeth! lol.=)
I helped them brush their teeth the next day as soon as they woke up. 😉

Well here are some few photos at the mall .. CLayton munching all the way and JJ very serious in his trick or treating. =) hope u guys had a good one as well!!