.. this is what happened to my tomatoes after the first day of frost. I forgot to picked all of them and now they are all dry and brown, and so my other vegetables. My poor peppers that I planted last spring, had just started to produce, and now are so dry. It sure made me wonder why it took so long to produce..i was thinking that maybe bugs keep picking on them. lol. Anyhow, for the last 2 weeks, the temperature had been dropping down to below freezing point during the night, which cause to frost in the morning, but starting yesterday, the temperature went up again to 50F which gives me a bit of headache, it was too warm inside the house, specially with the furnace On. It made me kick the comforters off the bed coz I was feeling so toasty. I sure don’t like the temperature at this time of the year. It goes up and down, and when your starting to get used to it.. it would change again drastically. I wish it would stop doing that, so I dont have to suffer from headache and hormonal change. Poor hubby, he have to bare with it. lol
Here are some photos I took today around our yard. click to enlarge.