The sun was shining for a couple of hours today, I took the kids outside to play ball before it hide away. I was surprised that it was very chilly, cause temperature tells me its 48 degrees. It sure doesnt feel like 48F, it feels like below 40 with the gentle breeze blowing. We didnt stay very long outside, even though JJ wants to play some more. I told him its very chilly, and he said he got his winter jacket on, so its not that cold. I told him.. oh yeah.. then why is your nose runny? LoL. So he have no choice but to come in. =)
Even though we just stayed out for a couple of minutes.. we got our fun!
kids grabbed their balls and kicked them all the way to the front yard.
And their Plop Plop joined in the fun, kicking the ball as hard as he can. =)
The little guy doesnt want to let go of his orange ball, and want to kick his big brothers ball too
They had their moment of fun, Thank God the Sun showed up for a few minutes. I know these coming days it would be gloomy, dreary, wet, cold and windy, saying that winter is coming. I sure dreaded that day. We are a bit prepared about it, got our tank filled and in a couple of days from now we will get woods for our stove and fireplace to burn in. Hope this coming winter wont be so bad like last year!