My cousin Diane who lives in Florida with her family visited us last week. They spend their Thanksgiving at New York with her husbands family, and dropped by here in PA and visited a few friends in DC and up town York. It was nice to see her again, it made me feel closer to home, knowing that I got a relatives here in US that I can count on.

They didnt stay long coz they still have friends to visit around here in York before heading back to Florida. We had a nice little chit chat, while the guys surveyed the backyard, and the kids busy playing with their toys. It was fun. Hope we could visit their place in Florida someday, she promised to tour us around Disney World and other fun places in Orlando. I sure cant wait when that time comes! I hope this Xmas! lol. well.. we need to pave some things first before we take vacations. Hubby had been trying to get back in business, coping up from that 6months absence from work. =)
Anyhow.. here are some photos to share.. click to enlarge. =)