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Our tree this year! Love it! Its 7.5″ Donner Fir, got it from WalMart for a very good price.
I finished decorating it last week, wrapped all the presents the other day and now it look nicer with all those presents under it. =)
I just wish that CLayton my younger son would stop grabbing all the balls. He actually broke some of my favorite glass balls, he throws them on the floor and broke to tiny pieces. It was my fault, I was so dumb to put it so low where he can reach it easy. And every time he grabs one..i return it on the same spot. lol. actually im teaching him how to control himself, and the word No. But it doesnt sink in.. hmp! Im hoping it will later on. =)

ANyway.. Christmas is almost near and its getting colder every day. It makes me think of Home. The midnight masses, all the carolings, the smell of pandesal and kakanin in the morning..thinking about it…gives me a warm feeling inside. Oh how I wish Im home in Phil. Everybody is so happy even the mouse under the cupboard. =)

Anyhow.. Im thankful that we are still breathing and things are getting back to normal from last year event. I thank hubby for buying me this tree, it sure cheer me up everyday. I Love u baby!!