It has been quite a busy week for me, that I forgot to update this blog. I got so much things to share, but only a few minutes to spare, with all these Holidays coming, shopping, decorating, and preparing for the coming winter season, had made me extremely busy. I almost forgot to mention, Colds is just around the corner. It had been infecting us for quite some time now since the temperature dropped down below the freezing point, so in the end of the day.. Im pretty much exhausted. =(

Anyway, we had a simple Thanksgiving Feast. Instead of Turkey, I roasted Chicken because we could never finish eating a Turkey. Its too big for us, there will be a lot of left overs, and hubby is not that fond of Turkeys. I also made some mashed potatoes and gravy, and mixed berries Cheesecake for dessert, recipe from Food Network by Ina Garten. =)

Everything was good.. I believe, coz hubby emptied his plate and so are the kids. Even though the cheesecake was cracked, it was still good. After dinner, we watched our favorite show Fringe and the kids watched their favorite show on TV. I sure gained some extra pounds that night, but I got it back down the next day. Black Friday. You know what Black Friday means.. it means sales! discounts! 50-70% off on everything! shopping shopping shopping!! LoL.
I went shopping for the kids winter clothes, shoes, and xmas decorations, then thats it. I didnt bought much because we dont have much resources. We are saving money for this winter season, just in case of emergency, or something expensive comes up, at least we got something to pull out. How I wish we got lots, so I could buy everything that I want in the store. Right now.. its not a good idea. =) But hubby surprised me with a new vacuum. lol
I was so exhausted after all these events. It took me a couple of days to get back on my feet. I hope I could update this blog everyday so that I wont get behind in Blogosphere.
Friends I will just blog hop later.. coz after this Im going shopping. lol