a Golds GYm Elliptical Strider is finally out of the box and in 1 piece!
Due to lack of time, it took us 3 nights to assemble it. It comes with so many pieces, that putting it together is like forever. Normally it would only take 2hours for 1person to do it. But because of our busy schedule and kids keeps on interrupting us, it took us 3 nights to finished it. =) Anyhow, Im so happy that I got this thing running smoothly. It will complete my cardio workout. I already started this morning and was sweating all over. I cant finished the 30minutes workout yet, I plan to start little by little and work it up to 30mins. I tell ya, its whew! and guess what? I lose 1lb already! hahaha. lol
aside from this elliptical, I got this new Wii Game Just Dance 2. The most fun game ever. Obviously I love to dance. Thanks to my dear Santa for all these presents. You made me so happy! I hope these will help strengthen my metabolism.