I was feeling so crappy since yesterday. THank God hubby got home late last night from his trip. He was supposed to be gone for 2days but the guy that he was supposed to meet in Ohio canceled it. I was glad that he’s home to rub my back and tend the kids, while I feel crappy.

I told him today to get me some bananas and apples at the store, because I promised the kids last night that Im gonna make them a banana boat for dessert. After a few minutes he came home with lots of goodies, including these…He sure is funny, he doesnt know how to give it to me. At first I only saw the flowers, he was grinning and put the grocery bags on the counter including the flowers, and told me that he cant be here on Valentines Day coz he’ll be out of town, and that I should thank the radio for reminding him. lol. He gave me a quick kiss, a good squeeze, and left right away, coz there are people waiting for him.

Anyhow, Im so happy, the flowers are so beautiful. I put it in a vase and put away his groceries, thats when I found out that there is a heart shape cake in the bag. I cant help to laugh. lol. thats hubby! he never get mushy. lol.
Because of these, I almost forgot to picked up JJ. I heard a honk, I look at the clock, put on my thermal shoes and run outside as fast as I can. I didnt even bother to wear a jacket. The van was on our driveway already, I dont have to walked up-front near the gate to picked him up. Jian was so excited and told me that he have something for me. He made me this V Card

I feel so lucky to have such a very sweet kid and thoughtful hubby.
They made me feel so special today. They deserve to have a good dinner later. =)