Kids are so busy playing their favorite online games in Noggin . I find them so amusing, cause they are so serious, the little guy keeps on stealing the mouse, pressing the keys and ruining the game for kuya. my kuya hardly complain, he would just take his baby brother’s hand down and says no, or maybe because im watching them closely. lol.

Hubby gave this laptop to my Kuya, so that he will not keep on using my laptop. Its my old Dell, it was a high-end 5 years ago, but still works great, it still loads fast like the new ones. When hubby got me a new one 2years ago, he carried this old one with him in his truck and used it in his business. He also got another one upstairs that he barely used, and now he decided to take it down with him in the truck, and give this old one to the kids. Im sure so glad! Now I dont have to fight the kids off the computer, and I could watch my shows and do facebooking without a bother . hehe. Im just happy to see my kids get along so fine, makes me a very proud mama. =)