raining Pictures, Images and PhotosIt rained all day yesterday and today.
The kids and I just stayed indoor all day, watch TV, do some chores and other stuff to keep them entertained. To keep them entertain is easy for these kids, seems like they love everything what their mom does for them. =)
Rain is good in this time of the year cause it helps the plants to grow from a long winter hibernation, and giving new life to all living creatures.
Slowly everything will sprung back to life as Spring approaches.
It sure nice to see green stuff once again,
and not for long our place will be filled with blooming flowers, flying bugs, and crawling vines;
which reminds me not to lose hope and always have faith in Him,
cause the Sun always shines after the rain. I just hope it will not rain for the rest of the week or else it would be very crappy. hehehe