It was snowing like crazy yesterday afternoon here in PA. It was anticipated last week but it didnt came, so finally it poured yesterday, but it didnt do much because the ground was so warm and the temperature was 48F. I thought our place is gonna be covered with white stuff again, good thing it didnt. And yep! it was crazy alright, to think its Spring time already, and our flowers are starting to bloom! Poor plants… they could never make it with this weather! Now the temperature is down to 30F again.. =( oh bummer.. pretty chilly, chillier than last winter.

The Weather forecast this year was so unreliable, due to so many wrong forecast, I dont believe it anymore. When it poured yesterday, we were about to go out to have dinner. Good thing hubby is such a good driver, a weather like that doesnt bother him. But for me… it does! it makes me so so nervous! I would be like driving 20mph, but to hubby he can drive 45mph with the pouring snow. I so hope that there will be no more snows this coming days, and please!! let the flowers bloom! The forecast say its gonna rain/snow this week,hmm.. let see if it does….