After I got home yesterday, I mowed right away. I finished the remaining stuff that I was not able to finished the other day. It sure feels good after Im done. The place looks nice, and the grass are so green. Its a lot safer now to walk on it, we dont have to worry about bugs or any other crawling things.
Actually Im not done yet, Im gonna mow some more as soon as we get a nice day around here again. As of now looks like the clouds is going to pour to help the grass grow even more. I have to get rid of the grasses that Ive cut, clear it and rake the rest of it, so it would be nice, all green and even. We dont have a bagger to get all of these. Baggers are too expensive and with a lawn like this big, you need a BIG bagger and a lot of trips to the woods to dump it.Photos below are the results of my mowing. lol