I woke up so early this morning, awaken by my little guy, reaching out for me while he was still in the crib. You know what happens next if you will not get him, he will screech so loud until he finally gets your attention. =) Anyhow, I made some pancakes and bacons for breakfast, its my little guys favorite. They love pancakes, JJ could finish two of this and CLayton a whole big piece! They are such a very good eater and im happy to give them what they want. I am so glad they like it because its easy cooking, its ready mix, so all you have to do is add water on it and its ready to cook. So easy huh? I got no time to do it from scratch, the important thing is, they like it, they love it and thats it! hehehe.. THank GOd they are so easy to feed, they are not picky, they eat anything that mommy cooks. Hope they will like Pancakes forever! lol=)

Hope you guys have a healthy breakfast!