Life is sure Tough! Getting back on our feet takes a lot of work. We got so many plans to achieve but unexpected things that pops out of nowhere are keeping us from achieving it soon. Like hubby’s truck, our only way of achieving things, is not running good and now its at the shop. Mechanics are having a hard time configuring out whats wrong with it, and hubby is getting frustrated coz he cant work. =( Poor thingy. I could feel his sadness and frustrations, I wish I could help him but there’s nothing much that I can do except to keep my mouth shut, and stand by his side and give him support.
We both are very tired with our situation right now, I wish I could fix it right away by waving my magical wand and say wahlah! hehehe But inspite all our troubles. we still try to have some fun and getaway from all these even just for a day. We surely need it to keep us sane and balance. =)We have so much things to do this year, we hope that before the year ends, we pave it all, and then everything will be back to normal.