THats my Kuya! My Super Reader!

at the age of 2 and a half, he already knows how to read words. It was a big surprised for all of us specially to my mom and dad since they are the ones who took care of him for 3 years. His first word that he was able to read was VISA. They were at the bank that time trying to get some money and all of a sudden my Kuya utter the word VISA. My mom and the teller were very surprised! Nobody taught him how to read because my mom and dad were busy working. My dad is a businessman and my mom is a public teacher. They only taught him the Alphabets and that was it.
So amazing he learned it all by himself. At first I dont believed it but when I got home from Taiwan and had some books and toys with me, he picked up the book instead and read the title of a book out loud. It was Fairy Tale. Amazing how he read it. I’ll never forget that day because it made me teary. Now he can read the whole book. He is done with phonetics. He knows how to rhyme, spell a few words like cat, dog, school and a bit antonyms.
all I could say.. im a very proud Mom. Good Job my little boy!