I know its been awhile since I wrote something here. Life had been crazy lately, that im having a hard time putting things together, I was a little bit less motivated in doing anything productive, so ive neglected a lot of stuff and that includes updating this blog and blog hopping. I tried so hard to get back in the blogosphere but I dont think I could anymore. I feel so sad about it coz I truly love blogging, I just dont feel motivated enough and lack of energy mentally to do it. =(. Im still hoping that I could get back coz I really need extra cash right now for my personal needs. =P

So as you’ve notice, my paid domain have already expired, Im now back to blogspot again, and Ive notice some changes in my side bar, like theres only 2 friends on my list. hmm.. why is that? weird. Im not sure if Im gonna buy a new domain, I know i’ll just be wasting money if I do, but I sure miss my own domain name. I might get a new one but not now, I have to wait when things gets better. If theres nothing much to worry about, then I will force myself to get back to blogging again. =)

ANyhow.. I was browsing in my old photos and I found this…
Steven and I when we were Young. LoL.
so in love and not much worries to think about.
I sure missed those days, sweet pa kami noon.. sweet pa rin naman hanggang ngayon. lol.

Well.. Im glad that Im able to blog today, even though its so late already, kids are asleep so I got the chance to speak out and be heard. Actually, Im waiting for hubby to finish what he’s doing upstairs in his office then we’ll watch a late show. Hmm.. he said it will only take 5mins, I better get him and see what he’s doing. =) so i’ll see u tom! I hope!