This is what I usually do in the morning, as soon as I get up from bed. Drink a glass of water first and do my routine, trimming some of the fats away, exchange it to a little bit of muscles.
After 6months of giving birth to my youngest, I gained 10pounds. I wanted to get rid of it, so I can get back to my old jeans and shorts, but it seems so d*mn impossible! Yes I know its only 10lbs, but its a big difference for me cause Id never been this big before and I feel like Im so heavy and Im having a hard time moving around the house. I get out of breath easy and just wants to lay flat on my bed or on the couch and watch TV with the kids. hehehe… Im trying very hard to get my ass moving, but as soon as I lose a pound, I get so hungry and wants to eat a horse. =( It sure is hard to lose 10lbs. You need to have discipline and motivation to succeed.Anyhow…this tool that I got here is a 5lb hula hoop that I purchase online, somehow it keep my waste trim. When I used it first, I experience 2days of aches and pains on my belly, but after that, it went away, and it doesnt bothered me anymore. After this 10min work out, I dance for 20mins and do 50 sit ups. Ha! its pretty hard.. and im not doing much progress.. hehehe.. its ok. it makes me feel better if I do this, specially if im sweating all over, it sure feels good. But you know its hard for me to do it all the way, because I got a little guy that need so much of my attention. Specially if Im hula hooping, he would stand in front of me and then it would be impossible to get it done. =)