Got my Hoop yesterday that I bought from Ebay a couple of days ago. I was so excited that I tried it right away as soon as we got home. It feels a bit uncomfortable at first, but later on, my body adjusted to it. The ridges are making it a bit difficult coz I feel it hitting my hips and it hurts a bit. But as soon as I got it going, it was ok.

What I got here is a 5lb hoop that is for 120-130 pounders. Im only 115 but I wanna try this big boy and see how it works for me. I dont think this would bother me that much as what people are saying in the reviews cause I had been doing hula hooping since I was in Taiwan for 2years. I even brought it home with me in PI. I really missed it so much cause it keeps me trim inspite all the food in PI. Now that I got this new one, I hope it works great for me. =)

If your a first timer, better get the 3lbs first because this 5lbs will leave you bruises around your waistline and you might not able to get back on it. hehehe..

Anyhow.. I really love it. I hope before summer comes, Im back to my old weight again.