Its so nice today to go outside and play. The sun is up and the temperature is just perfect. Its a shame that we cant enjoy it because we are all sick, again! Kids has runny nose and dry cough, good thing the fever is just mild. Steven, caught the colds from the kids, his head hurts, throat is sore, and dont feel good. And me, I got everything! Stuffy nose, dry cough, headache, a bit of fever and sore throat. I thought kids and I will be ok today coz we had the colds since Tuesday night, but things just got worst last night, I thought a NyQuil and a good early sleep would make it disappear the next morning, but this morning I was so disappointed. I woke up with an extreme headache and crappy throat, hubby is sick too and so are the kids.Smiley. This is so not normal to get sick a hundred times in a year, specially me. I mean, I dont get sick that often coz I got a very strong immune system. oh bummer! I really feel bad for not making it to the picnic and the party. Its been a while since Im with friends and relatives. Things had been pretty rough lately. I hope tomorrow this virus will go away so we can attend a mass at Sacred Hearts.